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system req?

Average PC will do the job.  3,07 Go disk space.

If there's one thing I like, it's games with melee combat or hand-to-hand combat. And if there's another thing I like, It's co-op games, regardless of if they're online, couch play ( everyone plays on the same device ), or LAN ( everyone plays on the same internet connection ). If there's another ANOTHER thing I like, it's story games ( As I prefer to have to follow a story rather than just get sent into a world to do what I want to do ). Mix those, and what do you get? This, a perfect couch play co-op, cyberpunk/futuristic styled game with hand-to-hand combat and combos, and a story which feels like when taking out a fresh, perfectly baked bread out of the oven. I have yet to play this game, but I guarantee I'll have a blast with it. For an indie game, it looks amazing, and I know the developers are working hard on the other 2 characters and the other 5 levels. I hope they see this and take it as words of encouragement to keep working on the game, as making a game isn't easy.

I hope they sell it in Itchio

good idea game bravo

Hey!!! Thank you for trying it out! And glad you liked it. Seems like the game ran a little low on frames for you, sorry for that :s


no problem …. juego mui bueno ,,,i like story this game